On Thursday 4 May the leading creatives outside of the M25 gathered together at the Roses ceremony in Manchester in hope of being adored…and adored they were!

We were joined by the chair of the panel; Trevor Beattie who took the stage towards the end of the show to announce his Chairman’s choice and talk about his love for the Roses awards. 

He said; “It’s great to attend an event where people actually have FUN. Where the dancing starts even before the bloody awards are handed out. Where rival agencies cheer each other’s success. Where people travel to the stage by piggy-back. And where they (quite rightly) honor the minds that gave birth to the headline ‘BABOON CARPET PIE FLANGE’ Where a lad called JOE COLEMAN can transform himself into brand over night. I say hire him immediately. DRUM ROSES nights have always been the stuff of (drinking) legend. If the current state of my head is anything to go by, the Legend continues. If you can remember being there, you probably weren’t. Long live The Roses!”

We seen some outstanding talent for 2017, congratulations to all nominees and award winners and thanks for giving us something to celebrate! 
Till next year..



Roses 2017 Opening Video

2017 Roses Opening Film produced by dock10

Our good friends at dock10 produced this fun opening video for the Roses 2017, check it out and see if you recogise anyone!




Check out our esteemed panel for 2017 here.


2017 Ceremony

The Drum Roses Creative Awards 2017 - Highlights

Take a look at the highlights from the 2017 Awards!